Boonsboro WW2 Even, foxholes

portraying the 104th infantry division, nothing like sleeping in foxholes! Get em ready boys

D. Champney, Medic @ Boonsboro WW2 event

Here comes the armor

Boy Jon, you dig one fox hole, and you are wiped out? Drop and give me 20!!!

2nd Squad portraying the 104th Infantry Division

Viva Le Resistance, Viva La France! Mia, Melody, and Jenn

Hey Joe, when are we moving out?

Doug "DOC" Shoppe and Dennis

take cover, German Panzerdivision has been sighted


It's over you stinking Krauts

Lt. Brojakowski, nothing bothers him.

28th Infantry Division moves out

Canadian Armored Division

Get some shut eye while you can!

The Krauts never had a chance

Handing over captured Germans to the MP's